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Metal Brightener for Passenger Trains and Tank Wagons

PCTW is a metal brightener and surface detergent that shines stainless and aluminum while removing dirt/debris and other grime, salt, scale, mineral deposits, and iron oxide. Excellent for passenger rail cars, fleet tank wagons, and industrial applications where oxidation and discoloration of metal surfaces are a concern.

  • Brightens metal surfaces
  • Free rinsing—leaves no interfering residues
  • Proven performance with automated washing systems and reclamation systems
  • Compatible with Lexan, MR-10 Lexan coating, stainless steel, aluminum, rubber, and 3M decals
  • Non-toxic—no fumes, phosphates, heavy metals, chlorinated solvents, mono-ethers, acetates, petroleum hydrocarbons, or other compounds that exceed safe industry standards.
  • May be utilized with PCRA for optimal performance with cyclone filters
  • Siemens approved 

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