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Grignard serves some of the leading amusement and water parks nationwide with a range of specialized cleaning and maintenance solutions. Our waterslide and fiberglass maintenance system extends the life of these assets. Our EPA Safer Choice-certified cleaning solutions reduce manual labor, while protecting users and the environment. We have specialized cleaners for virtually any application—from cleaning vehicles and rides to floors, walkways and other surfaces. And we provide comprehensive technical and compliance support.

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Our partnership with Rust-Oleum® Industrial Brands offers Grignard customers direct access procurement of high-performance coatings that meet environmental and VOC regulations, while dramatically reducing application costs. Grignard offers comprehensive, on-site support and in-stock warehousing for rapid delivery. Browse Rust-Oleum® products.

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DIRRECT Power™ Blue

Quick Rinse, High-Efficiency Cleaner
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DIRRECT Power™ Yellow

Mineral Descaler, Salt & Efflorescence Remover
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Hardwater & Mineral Remover
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Mineral Deposit Polish & Remover for Amusement/Water Parks
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SlideSlip Restore

Fiberglass Protector (without buffing)
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