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GriVan 3

Adds Lubricity Then Vanishes

Grignard’s GriVan series of vanishing oils save time and money by minimizing or eliminating cleaning operations. They evaporate completely, leaving machined parts dry and oil-free. GriVan products leave a light coating of lubricant on the metal part when applied and processed, then completely disappear. GriVan vanishing oils are ideal for light to medium stamp stamping, blanking, and forming operations. They are especially effective for stamping pre-painted steel, tin plate, copper, brass, and aluminum.

GriVan 3 provides superior rust protection and lubrication without affecting lithographed surfaces. In addition, Grignard's GriVan products have the following advantages:

  • Added lubricity
  • Safe flash points
  • Non-staining, non-gumming
  • GriVan formulations are available with a wide range of additive mixtures

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