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Wire Rope

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Reverse Thixotropic Penetrating Wire Rope Grease

OLL D-2 is a high performance, semi-synthetic, corrosion inhibitor and lubricant for wire rope and umbilical cable maintenance applications. It outperforms greases by penetrating into the cables, displacing moisture and leaving behind a light, protective film on the crown of the wire ropes to provide long-lasting protection from harsh atmospheric conditions. As a reverse thixotropic penetrant grease, OLL D-2 goes on thick when agitated and penetrates over time as its viscosity converts back to its original consistency. It migrates into the inner strands to provide lubricity and corrosion protection to the core of the wire rope.

  • High viscosity penetrant
  • Does not leak or drip when applied correctly, improving safety
  • Allows visual inspection
  • Exponentially superior corrosion protection than other penetrants
  • Proven solution for offshore, mining, and port cranes
  • Environmentally Acceptable Lubricant (EAL), VGP compliant
  • REACH, RoHS compliant
  • NSN# 6850-01-672-6702

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