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Mold Release

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Mold Magic Wax

High-Performance Mold Release Wax for FRP/Composites

Mold Magic combines the advantages of wax-based formulation with polymer chemistry to deliver exceptional performance with fewer coats. Formulated with pure carnauba wax and semi-permanent polymer technology, Mold Magic provides a super smooth, slick release surface that lasts for multiple pulls, saving time, money and labor.

  • Requires just 3-4 coats versus 5-7 coats for the leading competitor
  • Allows for smooth consistency with fast application
  • Provides very high slip quality and durability for multiple pulls
  • Does not affect post-processing operations
  • User safe—non-aromatic, non-flammable
  • Provides a lustrous finish with fast drying time
  • Ideal for a variety of applications, including hand lay-up, casting, RTM, pre-pregs, vacuum bagging, BMC, SMC, filament winding, polyester, gel coats, epoxy, vinyl esters, DCPD, phenolic, melamine, polyurethane, and more
  • Also available in liquid formulation

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