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Mold Release

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Release-It Sealer

Semi-Permanent Mold Conditioner

Release-It Sealer uses proprietary, semi-permanents to fill imperfections and minor defects in mold surfaces, providing a hard, smooth, glossy surface that is compatible with all release agents. Release-It Sealer utilizes a long-lasting, microscopic, cross-linking polymer technology that provides a superior finish to molded parts, ensures reproducibility, reduces mold downtime, and maximizes release agent performance.

  • Available as a solvent-based or water-based solution
  • Maximizes the performance of Release-It mold release agents
  • Excellent for conditioning all molds, especially intricate ones
  • Withstands exotherms up to 600°F
  • Maintains and enhances integrity and detail in mold surface
  • Can be used to season plugs
  • Ideal for use with most thermoset, thermoplastics, resins, gel coats, polyesters, DCPD, vinyl ester, epoxy, phenolics, PU, ABS, nylon, PVC, PP, PE, acrylics, and more

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