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Precision cleaners and degreasers that do the heavy work

Grignard develops and manufactures high-performance industrial cleaning and degreasing solutions that tackle any cleaning challenge. Our 50+ years of experience gives us the ability to manufacture a wide range of solutions, from environmentally friendly cleaners and innovative solvent alternatives to cleaning solutions engineered for highly specialized applications.

The products shown here represent just a sampling of what we can provide. Contact us to discuss your application and Grignard will match a cleaning product to your application or tailor a solution using our custom product development methodology.

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Aggressive, Versatile Detergent
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ClearView 100

Hard Water Stain Removing Paste
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ClearView 200 Wash-N-Wipe

Hard Water Stain / Rust Removing Non-Abrasive Wipes
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ClearView 300

Industrial  Hard Water / Stain Removing Liquid Cleaner
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Degreaser and Metal Brightener
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DIRRECT Power™ Blue

Quick Rinse, High-Efficiency Cleaner
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DIRRECT Power™ Gold

Degreaser - Wastewater Discharge Compliant
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DIRRECT Power™ Green

Quick-Split Non-Emulsifying Cleaner
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DIRRECT Power™ Orange

Extreme-Duty Alkaline Detergent
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DIRRECT Power™ Purple

Industrial Degreaser – Carbon Remover
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DIRRECT Power™ Yellow

Mineral Descaler, Salt & Efflorescence Remover
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Metal Brightener for Passenger Trains and Tank Wagons
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PureClean Rinse Aid

No Residue, No Coating Rinse Aid
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PureSafe Wash-N-Wax

Cleaner, Rinse and Drying Agent
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PureSolve 142

High Purity Solvent
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PureSolve 170

High Purity Solvent
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Hardwater & Mineral Remover
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Mineral Deposit Polish & Remover for Amusement/Water Parks
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SlideSlip Restore

Fiberglass Protector (without buffing)
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Solv-It Gel

Paint and Adhesive Removal Solution
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Solv-It True

Multi-Purpose Resin Clean-Up
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