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Struvite and Scale Removal Solutions

Grignard’s innovative solutions for the water and wastewater treatment industry address the ever-present challenge of struvite and mineral buildup that reduce plant efficiency and equipment life. Our proprietary descalants remove and prevent struvite and scale buildup in pipes, exchangers, pumps, screw presses, valves, sludge tanks, and other components, restoring flow rates and protecting plant assets.

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Struvicide™ C Remove

Alkaline Struvite and Scale Removal Solution
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Struvicide™ O PM

Struvite and Scale Control Solution
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Struvicide™ O Remove

Organomodified Struvite and Scale Removal Solution
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Struvicide™ Soak

Struvite, Vivianite and Calcium Removal Solution
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Struvite Maintenance Contracted Services

On-site Struvite Removal & Prevention
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