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Struvicide™ O Remove

Organomodified Struvite and Scale Removal Solution

STRUVICIDETM O REMOVE is a proprietary, organomodified solution that quickly and effectively attacks and dissolves blockages of struvite, vivianite, and mineral buildups in wastewater process equipment and piping. Advanced chelating technologies provide secondary inhibition to remove struvite and scale. It removes blockages and buildup overnight, improving pressures and flow rates. STRUVICIDETM O REMOVE is a non-hazardous, worker-safe product derived from synthetic, renewable resource materials.

  • Dissolves struvite from clogged and partially clogged pipe using recirculation, soak, or spray-on applications for pipe, exchangers, valves, centrifuges, sludge tanks, screw presses, and other areas of contamination
  • Reduces corrosion on tools and process equipment
  • Dilution ratios from concentrate to 5% in water depending on the severity of the application 
  • Used In combination with STRUVICIDE O PM, reduces maintenance and engineering costs/downtime
  • Can be used on rust, hard water scale, and other mineral buildups, including vivianite
  • Non-flammable, non-toxic, no fumes, no polymers
  • Produced from renewable resources, biodegradable

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