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PureSafe Wash-N-Wax

Cleaner, Rinse and Drying Agent

PureSafe Wash-N-Wax is a single-system solution combining rinse aids, drying agents, powerful detergents, and low foaming additives to reduce the time and effort to wash and protect vehicle surfaces. Proven performance at numerous municipal facilities. 

  • Excellent cleaning performance for micro dust, exhaust residue, mildew, and other contaminants common in vehicle
  • Gloss retention >99.3% with 100 ppm hard water
  • Hydrophilic sheeting action provides 200% faster dry time
  • Excellent performance in automated systems, spray washers, hand cleaning, detailing
  • Utilized with fresh water systems only
  • Dilutions depending on severity of cleaning operation – 1:50 to 1:300
  • Imparts a microlayer polymer film that is resistant to UV, acid rain, hard water stains
Click image to Download PDF chart

Click image to download PDF chart
Download the Struvicide Corrosion Rate Table

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